Nivram – Land of Danger & Monsters

Welcome to Nivram, land of The Lucky Diamond.

Let me take you to Lowdar, a town overshadowed by the insurmountable Blackhand Mountains, and almost smothered by the evil Great Forest, a place of terrifying monsters and fearsome beasts. Nobody knows what these monsters look like – because nobody who goes into the Great Forest ever returns. The people of Lowdar have learned not even to lay an axe to one of trees of the Great Forest – not if they value their lives. And if there happens to be a dangerous criminal in their midst, they can save the hangman’s fee by tossing the culprit outside the town gate at sundown, for the monsters emerge from the forest at night.

Lowdar was once a prosperous town but it’s now falling into ruin. As well as the monsters of the forest, the citizens of Lowdar have to contend with the Living Rocks – a line of massive rocks that stretch from where the mountains dip into the sea out towards the horizon. If the citizens of Lowdar displease the Rocks, the Living Rocks will descend upon the town and destroy it, or so the people believe. While Lowdar has a deep harbour, the trade it once enjoyed no longer exists, thanks to rebel pirates that haunt the waters between Lowdar and Senten, the nearest large town.

If you want to leave Lowdar, you better have a horse, or horse & carriage, or the money for the mailcoach, for you won’t find safety by foot, for even on the longest summer day, the sun will set before you reach the shelter of the next town. If you try to sail west to Senten, the pirates will probably get you. If you sail east, the Living Rocks will definitely crush you, for they allow no-one to pass by them, and so no-one even knows that east Nivram exists.

When Lucky, a diamond princess, asks 5 orphans living in fear of being tossed outside Lowdar’s gate, to help her to return to her home in Mount Slant in east Nivram, they have quite a few obstacles to over come (and that’s before they find out there’s a terrifying monster after them!)

Watch out for The Lucky Diamond, available early November.

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