Meet Susan from The Lucky Diamond

Susan playing her flute

Susan is 13 years of age, and the second oldest of the siblings who set off on a dangerous magical quest in The Lucky Diamond. Susan is sweet and kind, a peacemaker between sisters Yvonne and Vicky, a comforter for twins Cathy and Alan, and a rock of support for Yvonne, who struggles with the responsibility of looking after her orphaned siblings.

Quiet, thoughtful Susan is often overlooked, which can be useful, but she is stronger than people think. Her brother and sisters all depend on Susan, for support, consolation and advice.

What a pity she doesn’t always take theirs!

Discover what happens when Susan ignores Vicky and Yvonne’s advice in The Lucky Diamond!

Can’t wait until 3rd November to find out? Contact me if you are interested in reading an eARC (Advance Reader Copy ebook), in Twitter (@ValinoraW) or email

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