Vicky – Star of The Lucky Diamond (in HER head!)

Meet 12 year-old Vicky, courageous, heroic, protector of her family – or so she likes to think! Vicky is third of the five orphans, in reality a source of anxiety to both her older sisters. Vicky and her antics are likely to draw the attention of the town guard to the family, and she is more than likely to get into trouble with the street gangs. To eldest sister Yvonne, Vicky is irresponsible and difficult, so Susan works hard to keep the peace between the two. Vicky is impetuous and often hides behind a façade of humour and bravado, but she really wants to help, it’s just her idea of helping isn’t anyone else’s.

In one respect she is fearless – Vicky has no fear of heights. She will climb any building in the town of Lowdar, and be ready for any dare, no matter how foolish. That’s why she wears leggings and tunic, despite Yvonne’s instructions to dress like the other girls her age – you never know when you might have to scale a few rooftops to get out of trouble.

It’s wise to be prepared, and Vicky has more than the town guard and the street gangs to worry about – find out what else stalks her on the streets of Lowdar in The Lucky Diamond, out on 3rd November.

Don’t forget, if you can’t wait to find out, eARCs are currently available – contact me at or through Twitter @ValinoraW if you’re interested!

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