Double Trouble with Twins Cathy & Alan

Twins Alan and Cathy

Ten year old twins Alan and Cathy are the youngest of the five orphaned siblings in The Lucky Diamond. Almost always together, they are fiercely loyal to each other and intensely independent. The twins do their own thing – but for some reason their antics never earn a rebuke from eldest sister Yvonne. Unlike Vicky, next in age, who is constantly in trouble with Yvonne! Yvonne merely shakes her head indulgently at the twins, Susan mothers them, Vicky teases them.

Maybe it’s because they are the youngest of the siblings and were only five when they lost their parents. Perhaps Cathy’s innocent gaze and Alan’s cheeky charm is the real reason they get away with things.

Alan loves exploring new places and things, the more dangerous the better. His dream is to enter The Great Forest and check out the monsters that live there, to see if the place is as evil as rumoured. He won’t leave Cathy behind so he tries hard but unsuccessfully to persuade her to join him. He never considers his older sisters, they are just ‘there’ – Alan is too busy living in the world he shares with Cathy to think of anyone else.

Cathy is happy to let Alan decide what they get up to every day. She is more timid than Alan, but he gives her confidence. Cathy loves animals, and is kind and sweet, but is as immersed as Alan is in their own world. Cathy, however, will not budge, no matter how much Alan presses her, if she thinks something is wrong – like ENTERING THE GREAT FOREST!

Unfortunately for Cathy, she’s not going to get her way with this for much longer. Find out what happens when she finds a magical diamond and what makes her enter the terrifying Great Forest in The Lucky Diamond, out 3rd November.

If you can’t wait, contact me for an eARC, email or DM me on Twitter @ValinoraW

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