The Lucky Diamond & Magic

In my earlier posts I introduced Yvonne, Susan, Vicky, Alan and Cathy, the five orphan heroes of The Lucky Diamond (click on their names if you missed it). Today I want to talk about their magical gifts (pictured above).

As their mother was dying, she passed on a special treasure or ‘gift’ to each of her children. Yvonne loves her little metal key, despite its damaged appearance, because her mother gave it to her. She just wishes she had something that the key could open. She can’t help feeling a tiny bit envious of the others, their gifts seem much more useful.

Susan’s gift is a flute. She doesn’t know how to play it, she never learned, but sometimes when she gets the urge to try, the most beautiful notes fill the air. In-between she works hard to improve its appearance but no matter how much she polishes it, it still looked rust-tinged.

Vicky thinks her telescope is the best gift of them all. Through its lens she can see far off places and people as if they were next to her. She can even do this in the dark, and, strangely, hear distant noises clearly through her telescope too. If, for some unlikely reason, she happens to hit you with it, you can expect a paralysing freeze burn.

Alan, the only boy in the family, doesn’t have a gift. Maybe he did once, but he can’t remember it. Nobody can. Or else he lost it. Some days Alan thinks it’s worse that he didn’t get a gift. Other times having something so precious and losing it is so much more terrible. Either way he doesn’t like anyone to mention the gifts.

Cathy’s gift is a compass. Like the other gifts. it’s tarnished and battered and valueless looking but to Cathy it is the most precious thing in the world. Alan is her twin, and Cathy wants to share everything with him, even her treasured compass. Alan however can’t read the tiny writing etched on its surround: the one true way.

Find out more about the five children, their magical gifts, and the exciting quest they go on in The Lucky Diamond, out in paperback and ebook on 3rd November.

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