Book Review: Wulfie A Ghostly Tail

By Lindsay J Sedgwick

Wulfie is back and this time he has to help Libby stop Veronika from selling Libby’s beloved home. Unfortunately the Wulfen who stops time when he sneezes and shrinks when wet has been hit by a powerful spray of water (thanks to one of Libby’s Dad’s crazy and useless inventions) and, now tiny, has been swept down a drain, and suddenly saving the house doesn’t matter unless Libby can save her friend.

I loved the previous three books in the series, but book 4 is probably my favourite. Wulfie is a friend any child would love, and let’s face it, lots of adults too. I’d love to find a purple Wulfen in the trunk in my room. TOTP had a bath without shrinking and I’ve heard him sneeze so if he has stopped time, I’ve been frozen along with everyone else and not noticed, so I have to admit he doesn’t have Wulfie’s skills (he has other ones!). Wulfie is a loveable character. Libby is too, a sweet child who puts up with a lot in the crazy world of these books.

Recommending for younger readers, and anyone who would like a magical friend, TOTP and I award Wulfie A Ghostly Tail an enthusiastic ten out of ten diamonds.

Here’s a link to my review of book 3 Wulfie Saves the Planet

20 responses to “Book Review: Wulfie A Ghostly Tail”

    • It’s from a small Irish publisher, and I’ve met the author at a couple of book events, but it’s a great series. I can’t keep up at all, and there are so many MG books on my TBR but I am lucky to get one read a week!


    • I’m not sure how widely available the series is outside Ireland, but I read recently the publisher had entered a distribution deal in the US so I hope it will be available there soon. Thanks for having me on MMGM!


    • Book 3 is good too, I just love the character of Wulfie so much! Great for those younger readers, they’re quite short and the plots uncomplicated but they are great fun with that touch of the incredible 🙂


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