Book Review: Unicorn Island by Donna Galanti

By Donna Galanti

When her mother leaves for Europe to go on tour with her orchestra for the summer, Sam is sent to stay with her uncle-by-marriage in the sleepy little town of Foggy Harbour. Uncle Mitch isn’t pleased to have Sam staying with him, and Sam, who had desperately hoped to find roots in New York after moving from place to place all her life, is not pleased to be in Foggy Harbour. 

On the surface, Foggy Harbour is a quiet little seaside town, whose only thing of interest is the fogbank always found in one area of the bay. As Sam and her new friend Tuck quickly find out, there is more to this fog than meets the eye (the book’s title might give its secret away!). Uncle Mitch is hiding something not just from the town but from Sam too. When Uncle Mitch goes missing, Sam is determined to find do what it takes to find him.

This is a charming, magical story. The plot is simple but imaginative and engaging. I really liked the hints of darkness and a family secret, which I hope we will learn more of in future books. It is really nicely illustrated by Bethany Stancliffe as well which will appeal to younger readers.

By the way, Book 2 Secret Beneath the Sand is out and I’ve read some great reviews of it so I must grab a copy.

TOTP and I award Unicorn Island 8 out of 10 Diamonds.

18 responses to “Book Review: Unicorn Island by Donna Galanti”

  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Unicorn Island! I’m glad you liked it. I hope you enjoy the second book as well. Book 3, Beyond the Portal, is in editing now and will release winter 2023. It’s the last book where all secrets are wrapped up! 🙂

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    • I loved Unicorn island, I’ve heard great things about book 2, so I will be moving it up my TBR! I’m delighted to hear book 3 is on the way – and I love the title!! So exciting! (But I wish the publishing world would move a bit faster!!!) 🙂


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