#MGReadathon this weekend

My 48 hour reading sprint as part of this year’s #MGReadathon has come to an end. I completed a grand total of 7 books! Not impressive, I admit, but I was only able to spend about 11 hours overall on it over the weekend so it could have been worse! I will definitely be back the next time, keen to beat my record!!

My other four books were:

An enjoyable fantasy, though dark in places and comic in others, with a nice message

A fun mystery adventure

A charming & sweet tale

A brilliant madcap adventure set in Ireland in a girls’ convent boarding school (out of print for many years, but written by my mother so it had to be included.) I enjoyed it immensely but I had forgotten how badly-behaved those girls are (and I mean the heroines!)

Many thanks to Karen Yingling at http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com for organising, it was fun participating and seeing what everyone else was reading!

Now I better go and do some writing!

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