Q3 Writing Update

October is almost upon us so it seems a good time to give a writing update on what I have been doing the past few months and what is ahead for the rest of the year.

Revenge of Queen Rose release

The last few months have been busy, with the launch of Revenge of Queen Rose, book 2 in my children’s fantasy series, at the end of June. I also gave writing classes to kids in several libraries over the summer, and last week had my first school visit. All went very well, and I was very impressed by the talent as well as the enthusiasm of the kids.

The Great Forest release

I’ve postponed the publication of the final book of The Lucky Diamond trilogy, The Great Forest, until next year. While editing, I realised the tone of the book is much darker than the previous two books, and I want to maintain the same light style. Also, my evil antagonist, Queen Rose as she calls herself (pictured right), has proved to a popular character (go figure!!) so she probably should appear more prominently in the final book. In the meantime I have another story set in the same world due to be published early next year, updates to follow.

Website & Newsletter

I’ve planned to make a few changes to my website layout for a while. I have finally enrolled in a WordPress course, so watch out for changes over the next two months.

I offer a free book of short stories in return for signing up to my newsletter (see menu) and apologies to those who have already signed up for not sending out a newsletter yet. I plan to commence my occasional newsletter in early November.

Finally dog news!

My sister got a new pup who turns out to be my dog’s nephew! Little Jay absolutely loves his uncle TOTP!

Uncle & Nephew

That’s all from me now. Back to my usual middle grade reviews next week!

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