Book Review: A Pinch of Magic

By Michelle Harrison

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Betty, her elder sister Fliss and younger sister Charlie live on the isle of Crowstone, with Granny who runs the family pub’ The Poachers Pocket’. Unlike sixteen-year-old Fliss, whose thoughts have turned to love, or six-year-old Charlie, whose interests revolve around animals, Betty longs to explore. She wants to see the world, and most of all, get off Crowstone, even though that would break Granny’s number one rule of not leaving the island. When Betty turns thirteen, she takes the opportunity to leave for the fair on another island, little knowing that there is a curse on Widdershins females, that should they leave Crowstone, they will die by the next sunset. Fortunately, Granny arrives in time to stop her but when Betty learns of the curse, rather than being content to stay put, she is determined to break the curse and free herself and her sisters, once and for all.

This is an enjoyable and imaginative adventure, with endearing characters and an intriguing plot. I really like the three sisters and their magical gifts, and Betty’s determination to free them from the injustice of a curse, and I love their strong family bond. The setting is fun, with marshes and prisons and murky islands, and there is a good origin story for the curse. I was really drawn into the world, the story flows well, and the writing is polished and engaging.

I read this as part of the #MGReadathon organised by MsYingling in July, and only noticed I never posted a review when I wrote a review of another book in the series yesterday. But to show I can be methodical, this review has to come first!

Book 1 in a series of 4 (so far), and TOTP and I had a lot of fun reading it, so we give it 8 out of 10 Diamonds.

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  1. Happy MMGM! Here’s another vote for your great looking my books page. Well done!
    I hadn’t heard of A Pinch of Magic. Your thoughts on the book have me interested in reading it. The characters sound quite memorable.

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