Happy Book Birthday – to The Lucky Diamond

3rd November 2021 saw the launch of The Lucky Diamond, my first middle grade children’s fantasy.

It’s been a wonderful, exciting, stressful, and busy year! My dream of seeing my book on the shelf in bookshops was realised when The Lucky Diamond was stocked by the two largest bookstore chains in Ireland plus independent stores. In the last twelve months, I’ve recorded book readings and held writing classes for Louth Country Libraries, visited schools, and signed a lot of books!

In 2021, The Lucky Diamond was awarded Best MG Fantasy by TabathaShipleyBooks, and in 2022 was a semi-finalist in the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award. Recently the book’s cover was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf cover competition (Children and YA category), which is judged by kids. The Lucky Diamond had a super book tour in February, and it has been fantastic reading reviews, and fun (and surprising at times!) seeing who readers’ favourite character is!

The Lucky Diamond now has a younger sibling, Revenge of Queen Rose, book 2 in the series, which was published in June.

The cover of Revenge of Queen Rose was also a finalist in The Wishing Shelf cover competition.

With Christmas approaching, you may be looking for ideas for the fantasy-loving young reader in your family… in which case, look no further! Both books can be ordered through your local bookstore or through on-line outlets such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I am, of course, months behind on my editing of book 3, while neglecting marketing, newsletter, and website work, and a million other things but today I am focussing on, and celebrating, The Lucky Diamond achievements of the past year!

Thanks for reading!

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