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Thanks for checking out this page! I love meeting kids and I would be thrilled to hold an event in your school/library/festival or any other occasion. I love talking to children about my books, the life of an author, and my publishing journey. I focus on encouraging kids to read and foster their interest in writing.

Some photos of a recent school visit:

Event type: I usually offer either an author visit or a Writing Class, but I am totally flexible and very happy to tailor my visit to whatever suits the needs of the school.

Author visit to 4th , 5th , 6th ClassesVisit lengths varies depending on class size & no. of pupils
1.Give a talk about my fantasy books.
Read from The Lucky Diamond.
Q&A session.
Sign books.
This session goes down very well, usually creating a buzz in the school. To date, I have always encountered a lot of interest in writing and publication process from pupils.
I also offer a special discounted price on my books.
2.Writing Class (select one of the following): Story structure, Creating Characters (new), World-building (new)Best in small groups under 20. The class covers each of these areas, and includes writing time (eg a short story, character sketch, fantasy world sketch, etc).

Here are some testimonials from the kids received after my visit:

“I really enjoyed when Valinora Troy came to our school. I think it was a wonderful experience for her and my classmates. I would love it if she could come back. My favourite part of her visit was when she showed us the map.”

“I really enjoyed your visit to our school. Your books The Lucky Diamond and Revenge of Queen Rose are very good and you are a very nice person.”

“Here is what I really liked about your visit and book: You are really funny and kind. Your book is really interesting and before you introduced your book you told us a bit about it, which I loved. You showed us a magical kingdom on the map and also introduced us to a small diamond with two little eyes. Her name was Lucky. Valinora Troy told us about Lucky’s start to her adventure. After that she let people ask her questions and she signed our books. I loved her visit.”


I follow the guidelines set out by Childrens’ Books Ireland regarding payments for artists. Please contact me for a customised quote for your event.

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