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Hi, thanks for visiting. If you weren’t able to avail of discounts before or on the day of my visit, sometimes it is possible to arrange for signed copies post visit, if the school agrees. If you want to go ahead, please send on the name of your child for a personalised signing, the class/teacher and school.

Book 1 in the series: The Lucky Diamond is an exciting fantasy adventure for kids aged 8-12.

Five siblings. Four magical gifts. Three witches. Two talking Diamonds. One dangerous quest.

Book 2: Revenge of Queen Rose is the action-packed sequel to The Lucky Diamond.

She’s backkk…! And this time she means to finish off the Diamonds and the five siblings who thwarted her. For good.

To pre-order these books, please pay by either Paypal or Credit Card:

The Lucky Diamond: Retail price €12.99, price in school on day of visit €10, post-visit €10 (23% discount)

Revenge of Queen Rose: Retail price €12.99, price in school on day of visit €10, post-visit €10 (23% discount)

Both The Lucky Diamond AND Revenge of Queen Rose: €20 (23% discount)

Paypal: If you would like to pay by Paypal, simply fill in the form below and tell me which option you would like to purchase. I will email you details for payment, and the books will be delivered to the school on the date agreed with the school. Please include the name of the school also.

Paypal form:

Credit Cards (please note: WordPress will request the creation of an account, similarly to what is required for commenting on blogs):

As above, please include the name of your child, the school, and the class below, as well as which book you would like.

Teachers/librarians: for bulk orders, please chose the relevant option and enter the agreed price. Thank you!

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