Book Review: Green Ember series

“My place beside you, my blood for yours, til the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world” Recently I read The Green Ember by S. D. Smith, an epic middle grade fantasy adventure, full of noble sword-wielding rabbits, superb character arcs, high stakes, and an exciting story. I loved it so much I […]

#MGReadathon this weekend!

This weekend sees the return of the #MGReadathon, and the question is how many middle grade books can you read in 48 hours (minimal sleeping, cleaning, or interacting with others required!!). It sounds great fun – see all the details here. I am going to join in and will endeavour not to embarrass myself too […]

Book Review: The Myriad Mysteries of Eartha Quicksmith

Kip is a student a Quicksmiths College of Strange Energy, a very special school where the kids study magical energies, and the school’s research is based on the work and discoveries of Eartha Quicksmith, a genius who lived four hundred years earlier. But where you have magical and incredible items, or even cryptic clues to […]

Book Review: Epic Zero by R. L. Ullman

It’s Elliot’s 12th birthday and still no superpowers have materialised… Elliot’s parents and older sister are ‘meta-beings’, people with enhanced powers, and members of the Freedom Force, the greatest assembly of superheroes ever to fight supervillains. Without developing meta-powers, Elliot can’t join his family and the other supers when they go off to fight villains. […]

Book Review: Kiki Kallira Conquers A Curse

It’s a few months since Kiki saved her mythical-land-brought-to-life-from-her-sketchbook world, Mysore, but when for once she happens to leave her sketchbook open at a picture of Lej, one of the Crows, it’s not long before Lej himself appears in person. Mysore is in trouble again. The river has vanished, rain no longer falls so the […]