Book Review: The Unadoptables

Milou, Sem, Egbert, Fenna and Lotta are the five oldest children in an orphanage in Amsterdam at the end of the nineteenth century. Declared ‘the unadoptables’ by evil Matron Gassbeek, when the matron takes drastic action to rid herself of them, the five friends seize an opportunity to escape the grim orphanage. Led by Milou, […]

Q3 Writing Update

October is almost upon us so it seems a good time to give a writing update on what I have been doing the past few months and what is ahead for the rest of the year. Revenge of Queen Rose release The last few months have been busy, with the launch of Revenge of Queen […]

Book Review: Green Ember series

“My place beside you, my blood for yours, til the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world” Recently I read The Green Ember by S. D. Smith, an epic middle grade fantasy adventure, full of noble sword-wielding rabbits, superb character arcs, high stakes, and an exciting story. I loved it so much I […]

Book Review: Escape Room

I have played two Escape Room games, and I have watched several horror movies centred around escape rooms going wrong, so when I saw that someone had the brilliant idea of writing a middle grade horror featuring an escape room, I knew I had to read it. Following the standard opening to an escape room […]

New Release: The Land of Fake Believe

While on a family vacation to a theme park, Taylan gets into trouble with her parents for telling her little sister that the Happily Ever After (HEA) fairy-tale characters they meet are not really who they say they are. Furious at being reprimanded for upsetting her sister, Taylan drags her brother Colby with her to […]

Book Review: Dread Wood

When Angelo has to spend Saturday morning in detention with class mates Naira, Hallie and Gus, he has no idea that what lies ahead is no ordinary detention session. Until Mr Canton, the teacher and detention supervisor, confiscates all their phones only to disappear shortly afterwards, and the four kids have to get over their […]

Book Review: The Green Ember

The Green Ember was first published in 2014 but I only came across it recently when my sister recommended I read it. She thought I’d like a fantasy tale featuring sword-wielding rabbits. I didn’t like it… I loved it! (Apologies, channelling UK Bake Off the professionals!) Siblings Heather and Picket are two young rabbits approaching […]

Book Review: The Monster in the Lake

I really enjoyed the first book in the series, The Dragon in the Library, and The Monster in the Lake is a good follow-up adventure for Kit, wizard-in-training, and her friends Josh and Alito, This time something is afoot in the local park, where the three friends discover they can talk to animals (the animals, […]

Book Review: Misfit’s Magic

*** News on The Lucky Diamond *** Before getting to the book review, I had some very exciting news this week, with my middle grade children’s fantasy, The Lucky Diamond, announced as a semi-finalist for Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award (#BBNYA2022). This is not a genre specific competition which made it extra special. […]

#MGReadathon this weekend

My other four books were: An enjoyable fantasy, though dark in places and comic in others, with a nice message A fun mystery adventure A charming & sweet tale A brilliant madcap adventure set in Ireland in a girls’ convent boarding school (out of print for many years, but written by my mother so it […]


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