Meet Susan from The Lucky Diamond

Susan is 13 years of age, and the second oldest of the siblings who set off on a dangerous magical quest in The Lucky Diamond. Susan is sweet and kind, a peacemaker between sisters Yvonne and Vicky, a comforter for twins Cathy and Alan, and a rock of support for Yvonne, who struggles with the […]

Book Review – The Gatekeeper of Pericael

But I hate the creepy spirits and this creepy place – Porter 12 year old Porter is Kotalla kan, the Gatekeeper’s son, currently in training to take his mother’s place as the Gatekeeper in due course, to guard the portal between Pericael and our world. An awesome responsibility, according to Porter’s mother, the grandchild of […]

eARCs Available for MG Fantasy The Lucky Diamond

A quick post to say that ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) in ebook format available of my first book, Middle Grade Fantasy The Lucky Diamond – please contact me if you would be interested in a copy! Here’s the blurb: “The whirlclouds erupted on all sides, buffeting the boat first one way and then the next, […]

The Lucky Diamond : Yvonne

Meet Yvonne – a heroine, according to her sister Susan; bossy, unreasonable, annoying, if you ask Vicky, her younger sister; and as for the twins, they’d probably say Yvonne was all right… most of the time. Yvonne lives in Lowdar, the most easterly town in Nivram. The town is overshadowed by the Blackhand Mountains, the […]

Book Review – The Monsters of Rookhaven

A side note – I was very happy to read this book by my fellow Irish author because it’s horror for Middle Grade readers (yay! Very interested in this!). Equally thrilling – I have a hardback! With a detachable sleeve! Really exciting stuff… 😊 The Monsters are not always those you expect… Mirabelle lives in […]

Nivram – Land of Danger & Monsters

Welcome to Nivram, land of The Lucky Diamond. Let me take you to Lowdar, a town overshadowed by the insurmountable Blackhand Mountains, and almost smothered by the evil Great Forest, a place of terrifying monsters and fearsome beasts. Nobody knows what these monsters look like – because nobody who goes into the Great Forest ever […]

Book Review – The Gatekeeper’s Apprentice

Hugely imaginative and an enjoyable read! Almost twelve year old, Maddie lives with her mother and little brother Tom. Life is tough for the family, for Maddie’s father walked out on them some years earlier shortly after Tom was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Tom is very ill and needs a lot of care. Fortunately Maddie […]

TOTP – A Writer’s Dog

Time to introduce you to one of the most important characters I will be writing regularly about – my dog, TOTP. I love dogs, their fun-loving affectionate natures, their wonderful company, and regardless of your mood, how happy they are to see you walk in the door. They are also loyal, protective, and really smart […]


Hi and welcome to my blog. This is my first post, so I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Valinora Troy, I write fantasy books for 8-12 year olds, the age group sometimes called Middle Grade. I started writing when I was 5 or 6 years old. My sister told me the plot […]

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