Book Review: The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

It’s a big day for Marya Lupu’s family because sorcerers from the Council for the Magical Protection of Illyria are finally visiting Marya’s home to see if her elder brother, 13-year-old Luka, has magic. If he does, Luka will become an apprentice sorcerer destined to protect the realm of Illyria from the terrible Dread, and […]

The Last Cuentista

12-year-old Petra is devastated to say goodbye to her beloved Abuelita, but her grandmother is not one of those chosen to leave the planet for far-distant Sagan before a comet hurtling towards Earth obliterates it. Petra‚Äôs scientist parents are, however, so Petra and little brother Javier must join them on a journey expected to last […]

Book Review: The Eternal City of the Obsidian Toad

When Grand Master Thorbrand mysteriously falls ill, alchemist novices Matthew and Simon accompany Master Hobble to Prague to seek help from the Obsidian Toad, another branch of alchemists. While searching for a life-saving elixir in the Alchymic underground city, the Acropolis, they stumble on what looks a very sinister plot against the Crucibile of the […]

Cybils2021 – Some other wonderful nominations

I was a panellist (judge) in the Elementary & Middle Grade Speculative Fiction for Cybils 2021, so I had the pleasure of reading a lot of Middle Grade books over the last few months. As I write Middle Grade fantasy, this was a total joy, and I am so impressed by the range of stories, […]

Book Review: Long Lost by Jacqueline West

When eleven-year-old Fiona Crane’s family move to a little town called Lost Lake, taking Fiona away from all her friends, just so that sister Arden can be closer to the skating rink, Fiona is hurt, angry and really fed up. It seems that all that ever matters to her parents is Arden’s potential Olympic career. […]

Book Review: Ophie’s Ghosts by Justina Ireland

When 12 year old Ophie and her mother are forced to leave Georgia, they move to Pittsburgh to Great-Aunt Rose, whose household already includes her son, his wife, and their three children. Tormented by her awful cousins, Ophie’s life gets even worse when her mother informs her that she must give up school and go […]

Book Review: Pencilvania

By Stephanie Watson Zora loves to draw. She has an itch in her arm, her ‘voom’ as she calls it, which is only satisfied when she is drawing, producing countless pictures inspired by time spent with her Mom and little sister Frankie, at her house, nearby Lake Superior, Frankie’s beloved horses, anything at all, which […]

Book Review: Dragon Mountain

Billy Chan would rather spend the summer holidays surfing with his friends in California but his parents are keen he improves his Mandarin and learns more about his Chinese heritage (his father is from Hong Kong), so they pack him off to Camp Dragon in mainland China. There he meets 11 other kids from all […]

Book Giveaway – win these six middle grade fantasy books

To celebrate the launch of my own middle grade fantasy, The Lucky Diamond, I am doing a give away of six fabulous middle grade fantasy paperback books. I’ve selected five books I hugely enjoyed this year, so I can personally recommend them. The sixth book is on my TBR and I am really looking forward […]

Book Review – Kiki Kallira Breaks A Kingdom

Kiki Kallira has an anxiety problem. Even out with her friends, she worries over whether she locked the front door of her home, and imagines a stream of catastrophes from a burglar to a goose breaking in and attacking her mother. Knowing her fears are irrational doesn’t help Kiki, although she gets some solace when […]


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