Book Review: A Wilder Magic

This week TOTP shares the photo with his half-sister who lives close to him. Sybaline Shaw lives in a beautiful magical valley in the Appalachian mountains, but when the government builds a damn and plans to flood the valley, Sybaline is determined not to leave her home. For the valley is filled with magic, magic […]

Book Review: Unicorn Island by Donna Galanti

When her mother leaves for Europe to go on tour with her orchestra for the summer, Sam is sent to stay with her uncle-by-marriage in the sleepy little town of Foggy Harbour. Uncle Mitch isn’t pleased to have Sam staying with him, and Sam, who had desperately hoped to find roots in New York after […]

May Plans and Writing Update

I don’t have a book review this week as I have been working hard on various projects, all related to children’s fantasy and my writing. Revenge of Queen Rose The sequel to The Lucky Diamond will be published on 27th June. Editing is complete, it’s been sent to be formatted and I hope to get […]

Book Review: Eudora Space Kid

Eudora is a space kid, a child who is born and lives on one of the fleet of star ships of the Planetary Republic. Eudora sees herself as a genius in the areas of engineering, physics and maths, and longs to be recognised as such so she can be promoted to chief engineer, and skip […]

Happy Easter & Cover Reveal

Today instead of a middle grade book review, I am going to do a cover reveal…of my own book! My first middle grade fantasy The Lucky Diamond was published last November, and I am delighted to announce that the sequel, Revenge of Queen Rose, will be published on 27th June this year. The ebook of […]

Book Reviews: Merrylegs & The Monster Missions

First of all. some good news! The sequel to my middle grade fantasy The Lucky Diamond will be published on 27th June. The book title is Revenge of Queen Rose, and if you’re on social media, you may see the cover reveal on April 16th. Now onto the reviews. This week I am reviewing two […]

Book Review: Wulfie A Ghostly Tail

Wulfie is back and this time he has to help Libby stop Veronika from selling Libby’s beloved home. Unfortunately the Wulfen who stops time when he sneezes and shrinks when wet has been hit by a powerful spray of water (thanks to one of Libby’s Dad’s crazy and useless inventions) and, now tiny, has been […]

Book Review: Kingston & the Magician’s Lost and Found

It’s an emotional return to the Bronx for 12-year-old Kingston after a four-year absence following the loss of his father. Kingston’s mother is determined to turn the family’s failing business (a magic shop with next to no customers) into a smart café. But Kingston hasn’t forgotten that his father, a stage magician, vanished in front […]

Book Review: Sleepwalkers Round One

When 11 year old Ellie Dasher and her 6 year old brother Elijah inherit a house known as The Old Sleep from their grandmother, the family moves to Connecticut to take up residence. Ellie soon discovers that The Old Sleep has a reputation for being haunted. In one terrible nightmare, Elijah is dragged from Ellie’s […]

Book Review: The Missing Barbegazi

This is the story of 11 year old Tessa, seeking out the fabled barbegazi while mourning the death of her beloved grandfather, and Gawain, a barbegazi and young at a mere 154 years old, searching for his twin sister Maeg who went missing after an avalanche. Fortunately Tessa and Gawion meet up and with the […]


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