eARCs Available for MG Fantasy The Lucky Diamond

A quick post to say that ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) in ebook format available of my first book, Middle Grade Fantasy The Lucky Diamond – please contact me if you would be interested in a copy!

Here’s the blurb:

“The whirlclouds erupted on all sides, buffeting the boat first one way and then the next, sending Alan sprawling from one side of the deck to the other. He couldn’t stay on his feet long enough to reach the tiller. Yvonne and Susan clung to the mast. He couldn’t see Vicky or Cathy as waves washed over the side, drenching him.”

When 10 year old Cathy meets Lucky, a magical talking diamond, she and her orphaned siblings readily agree to help Lucky get home to the Rock of Diamonds, situated far from their home in the rundown town of Lowdar, in the furthest reaches of the country on the other side of the monster infested Great Forest.

What the five children don’t know is that Lucky’s enemy, the evil Queen Rose of Cassis, is hunting the Diamond princess and will do anything to stop her, and those helping her, from reaching the Rock of Diamonds.

With Lucky’s magic waning rapidly and Queen Rose determined to destroy her and the children, can five young orphans possibly succeed in their quest?

Here’s what some of my favourite authors say about the book:

“Nivram, a place of unimaginable beauty and danger + five orphaned siblings trying to save a friend = the adventure of a lifetime that hurtles along at tremendous speed and is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.” Lindsay J Sedgwick, author of the Wulfie series

“The Lucky Diamond is a gem, fast-paced and convincing, with an unusual quest and characters you’ll want to know. A great read.” Livi Michael, author of The Whispering Road, winner of Nestle Children’s Book Bronze Award

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