Book Giveaway – win these six middle grade fantasy books

To celebrate the launch of my own middle grade fantasy, The Lucky Diamond, I am doing a give away of six fabulous middle grade fantasy paperback books. I’ve selected five books I hugely enjoyed this year, so I can personally recommend them. The sixth book is on my TBR and I am really looking forward to it!

THE HUNGRY GHOST by H. S. Norup. This is the only book of the six that I haven’t read, but I’ve read interviews with the author and the book sounds great.

RAGGEDY CHAN by Camille Picott. This book was published a few years ago but I only came across it recently. It’s a heart-warming fantastical tale about a Chinese princess coming to America to rescue Winged Dragon stolen by Drought Fury, as told by Auntie Gracie to Emma Chan-McDougal. This charming story will leave you wanting a Raggedy Chan doll of your own.

SMALL SPACES by Katherine Arden. I really enjoyed this middle grade horror, with heart-broken motherless Ollie, clumsy Coco and jock Brian teaming together to survive whatever seeks them in the cornfield after their school bus breaks down. It’s a tense exciting read, and the start of a series.

THE GATEKEEPER OF PERICAEL by Hayley Reese Chow Read my review of this dark fantasy here. Not sure if it’s the fantastic world-building, the magic system, or spell ring casting Fira that I love the most, but it’s all great!

GHOST GIRL by Ally Malinenko If you missed my review, here is a link. This book has everything I love, great story, fabulous characters, sinister antagonist, original take, with lots of heart and yes, definitely very scary in places!

THE MONSTERS OF ROOKHAVEN by fellow Irish author Padraig Kenny. A house of monsters, a secret pact made with the local village, and the unexpected arrival of a brother and sister fleeing an abusive relative. It’s a heart-warming and spooky story with an entertaining array of characters, Here’s my review. The sequel (currently out) is on my TBR.

These are all great books, and if you like children’s middle grade books, or indeed fantasy and horror, you should really check these.

Alternatively enter my giveaway and win them all! I have set up the giveaway so the winner will be picked in time for Christmas, so enter now!

Here is the link:

Please share widely as it would be great to get lots of entrants!

Best of luck!

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