May Plans and Writing Update

I don’t have a book review this week as I have been working hard on various projects, all related to children’s fantasy and my writing.

Revenge of Queen Rose

The sequel to The Lucky Diamond will be published on 27th June. Editing is complete, it’s been sent to be formatted and I hope to get my hands on proof copies some time this month.

The Great Forest

This is the third book in The Lucky Diamond trilogy/series. Current editing it, I have a deadline coming up, but I am way behind on the edit! I’ve taken this week off work to focus on completing my edit on time (wish me luck!) . PS this is not the real cover for the book, just a placeholder for now.

Website Revamp

Planning a website revamp May/June. Would welcome your thoughts! I have a plan, but I need to get time to execute it!

Books & Reviews

The last couple of months have been very busy with Revenge of Queen Rose and now The Great Forest, leaving me behind on my reading and reviewing. However I am excited to say I have pre-ordered Kiki Kallira Conquers a Curse. I loved Kiki Kallira breaks a Kingdom, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series (out late May).

That’s my writing update for May. I’d love to hear what plans you have for May, if you’d like to share. Hope to be back next week with another book review!

5 thoughts on “May Plans and Writing Update

  1. You have a lot going on for May! My plans include completing the move to our new home which we started back in January. (We’re between homes right now and staying with our daughter and her family.) There’s much work to do, but we’re excited!

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    1. That’s so exciting, Priscilla! No matter how nice it is to stay with family, there is no place like your own home! It will be so brilliant moving in at last! Wishing you all the best happiness in your new home! (I know there is some pain to get through first but it will be so worth while!)

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  2. This is all very exciting news. I loved The Lucky Diamond and can’t wait to read the sequel. The Great Forest intrigued me. Good luck with your website, I look forward to seeing what changes you make. I enjoyed the first Kiki book too, so I must look out for the sequel.

    May is the anniversary of my blog, so I usually am kept busy writing stories and posts, and running giveaways to celebrate. It’s going to be low key this year though.

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    1. Happy anniversary! I love your blogoversary celebrations! Low key is good too. I must think about doing something for mine (though I have a few months to go!). I hope you have a marvellous May! 🙂

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