Book Review: Epic Zero by R. L. Ullman

By R. L. Ullman

It’s Elliot’s 12th birthday and still no superpowers have materialised… Elliot’s parents and older sister are ‘meta-beings’, people with enhanced powers, and members of the Freedom Force, the greatest assembly of superheroes ever to fight supervillains. Without developing meta-powers, Elliot can’t join his family and the other supers when they go off to fight villains. Elliot however is determined to become a superhero, by fair means or foul, but when the foul means backfire and disaster strikes, it’s up to Elliot to fix the mess and defend Earth from not only the worst of supervillains but also some dangerous and aggressive aliens!

This is an enjoyable superhero tale with great world-building and a strong plot.

Favourite Character:

Dog-gone – the dog who can make himself invisible happens to be a German Shepherd. I love German Shepherds, though I have to say that Dog-gone does not act like the German Shepherds I’ve known, but then again, they can’t make themselves invisible!

Favourite thing about the book:

The worldbuilding. I loved the eight different types of meta powers and the different levels, nicely complemented by colourful character cards throughout the book. The different powers, in case you are interested, are energy manipulation, flight, magic, meta-morphing, psychic, super-intelligence, super-speed and super-strength. Each ability can be either limited (level 1), considerable (level 2) or extreme power (level 3). People without powers? Level zero – or zeroes, as the super call them.

I also enjoyed the inter-galactic element, as well as the role of the  new girl in school, Cammie. My only gripe is with Elliot’s character arc. It wasn’t very strong given the set up was perfect for character growth. I also thought the resolution, although effective, was a little heartless. However I doubt kids would notice, and will instead revel in this fun super hero tale. It’s the first in a series as well.

TOTP (who marries being a super watchdog but absolutely no ability to turn invisible) and I award Epic Zero 7 out of 10 Diamonds.

15 thoughts on “Book Review: Epic Zero by R. L. Ullman

  1. I need to get back to this series. I read the first one and then got buried in a pile of other books. The main character was perfectly set up to carry the plot. Thanks for featuring your review on MMGM.

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