Book Review: Misfit’s Magic

By Fred Gracely

*** News on The Lucky Diamond *** Before getting to the book review, I had some very exciting news this week, with my middle grade children’s fantasy, The Lucky Diamond, announced as a semi-finalist for Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award (#BBNYA2022). This is not a genre specific competition which made it extra special. It’s up against some tough competition but I am thrilled it’s got so far! Now onto the Misfit’s Magic.

Since his parents’ deaths when he was very young, Goff has spent his life between foster homes. His current carer, Frank, must be the worst yet, and Goff is treated as a household serf (made to do cooking, cleaning, shopping), in-between being tormented by the other two foster kids, twins Ben and Pam. Desperate to win a scholarship to Amworth academy, Goff ventures into the town’s graveyard to recite a spell at midnight, as part of his research into Spraksville’s witchcraft past. Unfortunately for Goff, things don’t go as planned, and before he knows it, he has been selected to be a wizard, pitted against a powerful and deadly opponent. But all Goff wants is to win his scholarship…

I enjoyed reading this fantasy tale. The incredibly powerful antagonist plans to turn every adult in the town into a soul-sucking ghoul in order to perform a horrifying ritual that will allow him to control all the magic and plunge the world into darkness. All Goff has in his favour is a couple of eccentric friends, plus an animated skeleton and preserved cat as advisors who just want an easy life, and a tiny spark of purple magic called Majesty who wants to serve Goff.

Favourite thing about the book: The answer lies in the past and I really liked this plot element. The story is quite dark, which I also enjoyed, so I would think it best suited to older kids (upper middle grade/teens).

Favourite character: Majesty. Because she was sweet, despite the apparent oddity about the magic seeming to search for masters to control it. Of course, TOTP and I loved Brak, the dog.

I didn’t fully understand the magic system, nor did I like Goff and his friends as much as I wanted to, and there was a grave-robbing scene at the start which was never explained, but these minor gripes aside, this is a well-paced, exciting, fantasy horror.

TOTP and I say a fun eight out of ten Diamonds

Thanks to the publishers, Bisket Press, and Netgalley for an ARC. Misfit’s Magic will be published on 2nd October this year.   

14 thoughts on “Book Review: Misfit’s Magic

  1. This does sound a little dark, but that doesn’t bother me in fantasy stories. I hadn’t heard of this one, but it sounds like one I’d like. Goff sounds like such a determined character. Thanks for featuring it this week.

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  2. I’ve added this to my October reading list although I might not get to it until December. I’ve been reading quite a few fantasies of late and the plot here certainly ranks high in interest. Thanks for letting us know about this new one on Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.

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