Book Review: Wulfie Saves the Planet

TOTP looks worried that Wulfie has bitten off more than he can chew in this new adventure!

Wulfie and Libby are back for a fun new adventure in Wulfie Saves the Planet by Lindsay J Sedgwick. For those who don’t know, Libby lives with her absent-minded inventor Dad, evil step-mother Veronika, and super-nasty step-bro Rex. Veronika treats like Libby like a slave, forcing her to cook and clean, belittling Libby at every opportunity. Rex goes to great efforts to bully and destroy Libby, while Libby’s Dad seems oblivious to it all. Life was pretty bleak for Libby until Wulfie, a purple wulfen from the land of Lupuslandia, arrives unexpectedly in her great-great-grandfather’s trunk in Libby’s attic room. Wulfie can shrink or grow or freeze time when he sneezes, and he and Libby are the best of friends.

In Wulfie Saves the Planet, third book in the series, Libby has to work on a school project on the environment. Rex, in Libby’s class, has the same project to do but thinks it’s a much better idea to get Libby to do it for him. Since Beast in Show, Wulfie has been accepted (reluctantly) by Veronika as Libby’s ‘dog’. Rex tells Libby that he will pretend Wulfie has bitten him to make Veronika get rid of Wulfie IF Libby doesn’t do his project for him – and make it prize-winning. While poor Libby worries about doing two projects as well as all the house work, Wulfie discovers superhero comics and is immediately inspired to emulate them. Being Wulfie, donning the superhero mask and cape can only lead to lots of trouble for both Libby and Wulfie!

I love Wulfie so much as character in the first two books and he is just as loveable as ever in book 3. Libby is as sweet as before, and we venture into Dad’s invention room in this book, which was fun to see. Don’t let the apparent normality of a school project on the environment fool you – this story is as fun and crazy as the previous two! There are some lovely imaginative fun details in this book that I won’t mention, for fear of spoilers, but I loved them!

I can’t imagine anyone not loving Wulfie, and younger readers will definitely enjoy this book (and older readers too!).

TOTP says 10 out of 10 diamonds.

I recommend you check out the whole series!

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